302 refresh and mini-build

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302 refresh and mini-build

Post by Optikal illushun » Mon Aug 27, 2012 12:21 am

As ya have seen in general, we picked up a low milage 302 from a 1996 F150 for Sarahs Bronco last weekend. Complete engine from intake to oil pan with accessories, engine harness, new alt, and computer (along with some odds n ends) for $400.

So far, since its up her house in the garage (no room at the inn here) i managed to remove the accessories/brackets, hoses and minor external pieces. Plans are a regasket of the engine with new rear main seal and timing cover seal, new tensioner/idle pulley, water pump/t-stat, and whatever else needs attention.

So far we have some parts gathered:
Two new engine mounts
New Ford waterpump/bolt kits and t-stat (thanks Jakey)
Saginaw PS pump and van bracket (thanks Jakey)
Like new starter i got for free from my friend
Swap plugs/wires/cap/rotor from old engine
Swap accessories/brackets from old engine

Along with what i previously mentioned, i was thinking about replacing the oil pump since the oil pan will be off. What about pullin the heads? Or should i leave them be? What about yankin just the intakes and regasketing them? Was thinkin about a cam swap, but not sure if it'll be worth it on something that doesnt get driven much or used daily. Same with some shorty headers, would they be worth it?

Hopefully this week i can get the engine harness off to degrease it, and get the valve covers and oil pan off to clean em up n paint em...oil pan looks iffy to me...hope i can clean it up n hit it with some POR-15.
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Re: 302 refresh and mini-build

Post by tbonemcniel » Wed Oct 03, 2012 2:59 pm

pulling the intakes and heads isn't a bad idea. stock gaskets are cheap, and it'll give you piece of mind, that nothing is going wrong in there. maybe some new OEM lifters for fun.

I wouldn't mess with the cam, as to get the most out of any cam other than stock, you'll want to play with tuning. just leave stock cam since you're not REALLY looking for power.

deck the heads a little bit is an easy power upgrade though. give it a little bump in compression.

headers wouldn't hurt anything. Long tubes being ideal, but shorties are easier. and like I said, you're not REALLY looking for power.

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