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Rules about the site and it's policies.
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Site Rules / Terms Of Service

Post by Offroadford4x4 » Wed May 18, 2005 5:21 pm

All members must agree to the following board rules, they apply to everyone, so be sure to read the entire listing. The rules that follow are born from necessity, in order to keep peace and to be fair all must be willing to follow them. There are no favorites!

1) Absolutely no flaming! Flaming of another member or forum WILL result in edited or deleted posts with a warning for each.

2) Language, swearing is permitted but please keep to a minimum and in good taste (if there is such a thing). Excessive swearing with in a post or posts could lead to edited posts and possible warnings.

3) Keep all topics in the appropriate forum and on topic. Repeated offenses can result in warning being issued.

4) Absolutely no sexually explicit material. That includes both images and text and links. This rule will be strictly enforced.

5) All topics must have a proper and descriptive titles. Vague titles will not be accepted. E.I.: (Help) (what's this) etc will not be accepted. These are fine if included with more of a description such as (help, truck won't start). Repeated offenses will lead to warnings being issued.

6) When 4 warnings are issued, you will be suspended for a period of 1-4 weeks depending on the severity of the offense and the history of the offending party. Habitual offenders will be permanently banned at the discretion of the admins. All warning will be recorded in the Mod / Admin area.

7) The admins reserves the right, based on these rules, to edit or delete ANY post or thread at their discretion without prior warning. Any offense is subject to have warnings issued. All warnings will be reviewed by all admins to assure fairness to all board members.

8) Its everyone's job here to police, not just the moderators and admins. If you see something that offends you then report it to a moderator or admin. If you have a problem with the moderators, PM an Admin. If you have a problem with a specific admin, PM one of the other admins.

9) There is to be no advertising of private businesses on this site unless it is cleared by the staff and there are several credible references.

10) OFS staff will not endure or tolerate any cheap shots, ignorant comments on how the boards are ran or how the administrators or moderators conduct site internal workings or anything that is at staffs jurisdiction to modify or delete if deemed inappropriate or not in the right forum.

11) Repeated forum posts that contain no helpful or constructive point or ramblings of no usefulness will not be tolerated. Posts or topics that are not in there respective forum will be moved or deleted at staffs jurisdiction.

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The warning system will work as follows,
Any violation is prone to having a warning issued. Warning will be posted both in the offending post and to you via PM.

Warnings of offenses will be recorded and stored onsite for other mods and admins to view.

When you reach 4 warnings with in 6 months, you will be suspended for a time frame of 1 - 4 weeks. Suspensions will be effective immediately after 4th offense and will be reviewed by the admins for length of suspension. You will be notified via email at both the beginning and end of the suspension and 1 email stating the length of the suspension.

If you have warnings, they will be removed 6 months after the date of issue so long as no more warnings were issued.

Example, If you receive a warning on January 10, it will be removed from record on June 10.

But if you receive a warning on January 10, and then another on June 9, both will remain in effect until Dec 9.

If at any given time you acquire a total of 10 warnings with in the allotted amount of time, The admins will review your membership for permanent suspension.